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Jupiter Real Estate Auction - SOLD!

Sold! Music to the ear of both buyer and seller.

In a real estate auction, the seller disposes of a property no longer needed and the buyer begins and exciting journey as an owner.  It's truly amazing that both parties to a successful real estate auction each achieve what they set out to accomplish.  Florida real estate auctions are bringing buyers and sellers together, ready to do business.

We have sold hundreds of properties, at auction, over the years for lenders, developers, institutions and  private sellers.  Buyers have included investors, retirees, newlyweds, business owners, church groups, charities, farmers, soldiers, realtors and sometimes neighbors.

One of the unique features of the real estate auction format, is that value is established, publicly, one bid at a time, with each bidder knowing that they are competing fairly on a level playing field.   Novice buyers can compete with seasoned veterans with no fear of cronyism or preferential treatment.

Real Estate Auctions accelerate the marketing  process by attracting the largest number of qualified buying prospects to preview and analyze the property as a potential purchase within a specified period of time, usually less than 60 days. 

Past clients include: Citibank, American General, Banker's Life Insurance Co., Fidelity Savings, Suntrust, K. Hovnanian, Household Finance, builders and developers along with many private individuals 

Continental Realty Auctions cooperates with many local real estate companies to offer real estate auctions throughout the state of Florida.  We look forward to working with you as a buyer, seller or agent to meet your real estate auction needs.